Written by Gaute Gulliksen
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We provide the necessary services for your business to excel. If you sell cars, run a school, have a restaurant, manage a hotel, sell art, work for a good cause, provide product and services to your community or beyond we help you get all the nuts and bolts in place. Partner with us and you will have access to the right tools, advice and expertise at the right time. 

Services offered by Bethics


Our management services aim to help you develop management capacities and include topics such as Leadership Development, Decision Making Processes, Gender Equity, Sustainability, and Ethics. These are typically cross cutting issues that benefits your organization at all levels.


Administration is often thought of as the necessary evil you have to do to make your organization work. It does however include many of the most powerful tools that will make you organization successful. We provide services related to Human Resources, Business Planning, and day-to-day management of your office. This is about simplifying the bureaucracy and creating a company culture that encourage success and growth.


Access to capital and management of capital is critical activities of any successful organization. We help you plan, and analyze your financial activities. Sustainability, Ethics, Transparency and Accountability are key values for us. In addition to assessment and capacity development we also provide practical services such as accounting, managerial accounting, budgeting, and financial reporting. 


Communication & Marketing is essential for your business. We can help you learn to use new media and develop a marketing strategy. We are continuously developing our market research capacity, assisting companies and organizations to take charge of the new technology and use the internet to their benefit, and to make sure that communication is not a hurdle. 


A properly executed Corporate Social Responsibility program can improve your bottom line, improve your security, improve your growth opportunity, and help give a bigger purpose to what you do. 


It is important to collaborate and seek out new opportunities for any business in today’s market. To do so we need to reach out and start collaborating because no one person has all the necessary skills. Recruiting or developing partnerships are essential if we are to continue to grow. We believe in collaboration and networking and we offer you access to our and our networks technical skills and expertise.


We are a management consulting and project driven company with a strong basis in humanitarian work. With the increasing focus on the social and environmental impact of businesses we can provide you with the expertise you need to develop a successful organization for the future. 

In this process it is important to consider the impact we have on the communities we work within and we know that healthy communities are good for everybody, simply because we are all part of our communities. Some recurring issues that we need to consider are:

  1. Ensure ethics in our business practices
  2. Ensure trust and collaboration
  3. The social, ecological, and economic impact of our activities

We are convinced that by including these issues when developing our business and organization we are contributing to a better and more sustainable business environment, a more secure environment, and an environment where people can fulfill their potential. We are also convinced that this is necessary if we are to enjoy success in the future. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you.