Bethics support to CSOs and social movement in 2016

Written by Gaute Gulliksen
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Bethics and the Civil SocietyWe at Bethics make an effort to support civil society organizaitons and movements in the communities we work. We believe that healthy communities need an active civil society and we should all collaborate and engaged. It is the socially responsible thing to do.


The 2016 Bethics donation summaryLast year (2016) Bethics supported 6 organizations and social movements in our local communities. In total our support amounted to MXN 17,747.50. Since the inception of Bethics we have had the pleasure to support with services, funds, and work hours for a total value of MXN 63,140.00.

One example is the “Asociación En Movimiento para la Distrofia Muscular” (MDM) which whom we are donating services and work hours too. We are contributing with web resources and expertise to build a basis for MDM to become a Civil Society Organization. They have a unique experience with regards to muscular dystrophy and have a wealth of expertise and knowledge that is desperately needed by others. Visit from more information.

Our long-term vision is to develop our initiative into a local fund where CSOs and other social movements can seek funding for their projects. Contact us if you’d like to join your efforts to this endeavor.