Our Facebook top 10 - March 2017

Written by Gaute Gulliksen
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Facebook clients Top 10The Facebook performance of webFactible tracked sites.

Congratulations to Tequismagico who for the first time is at the top of our list. We’d also like to recognize Rincon Austriaco who through consistent organic work have entered the list.

Keep up the good work!

# Page Location Change
1 Tequismagico Tequisquiapan +70
2 Bomberos Tequisquiapan Tequisquiapan +288
3 Enterate Cadereyta Cadereyta de Montes +10
4 Aprender permacultura community +19
5 Godzilla Sushi Tequisquiapan +16
6 Turismo Alternativo Tequisquiapan +44
7 Sangha Yoga Tequisquiapan +6
8 Areas verdes Tequisquiapan community +34
9 El Pecado . Restaurante Cafetería Bar Tequisquiapan +9
10 Rincon Austriaco Tequisquiapan +9


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