Bethics was started in Mexico in 2011 as a joint stock company with a mix of Norwegian and Mexican ownership. The idea behind the company is to identify ways to help voluntary organizations achieve their goals and develop an organizational framework that is sustainable structure.
With our experience from 5 different continents, we have often experienced that projects struggle with operational integrity and limited access to technical capacity. We see it as our task to add and develop these capacities locally where the voluntary organizations work.
Bethic’s leading consultants have extensive experience from international humanitarian work.

Silvia Gurrola Bonilla
Silvia Gurrola Bonilla is a much sought after consultant for programs and projects in equality, gender integration, gender based violence, STI/HIV/AIDS prevention and care, behavior change and counselling.

She has over 20 years’ experience from many of the world’s largest humanitarian organizations and offers solid experience in program management, program evaluation, community mobilization and capacity building. In 2014 she published “La Dignidad Encarnada” which is published by Editorial Planeta. Her second book “El vínculo Impensable” was published in 2019.
You can read more about Silvia on LinkedIn and silviagurrola.com

Gaute Gulliksen
Gaute Gulliksen has considerable professional experience as a leader and team leader within Operations, organizational development, capacity building, management, administration, finance and institutional capacity building. He thrives in multicultural environments and in changing environments. Has over 20 years of experience from 5 different continents. Likes to collaborate with local organizations and emphasizes ethics and values in his work.

In addition to being a consultant in operational management for voluntary organisations, he is particularly qualified to start and terminate programs and projects where both small details and the overall strategy must be included.
You can read more about Gaute on LinkedIn.